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Pic-of-the-Week: Has the Shift From Coal to Natural Gas Stalled? (10/06/2014)

Has the Shift From Coal to Natural Gas in Electricity Production Stalled? Just ten years ago, coal was used to generate 50% of U.S. electricity while natural gas held only an 18% share. Toss in the shale gas revolution and move forward to early 2012 and you have both coal and natural gas producing 32% of U.S. power each. It appeared natural gas was well on its way to replacing much of the coal-fired production in the U.S.

However, our pic-of-the-week illustrates that since early 2012 the shift has taken a clear short-term breather. Coal has made a small comeback and is now closer to 40% of total production. Natural gas has eased back a bit to just under a 30% share. Is the shift from coal to natural gas over?

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U.S. Marketed Natural Gas Production By Region

Pic-of-the-Week: Like Crude, U.S. Natural Gas Gains are Highly Concentrated (06/02/2014)

Natural Gas Production Gains Since 2005 are Highly Concentrated in Only a Few States – U.S. natural gas production has increased by nearly 50% since 2005, from about 18 trillion cubic feet to nearly 27 trillion cubic feet annually.
Domestic crude oil production is similarly up about 50% since 2009.

Texas remains the largest player, with production up 50% the 

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