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Oklahoma: Energy Recession Finally Coming to an End?

The Oklahoma economy shed more than 25,000 jobs and state tax revenue dropped by about 10% in the oil and gas cycle of the past two years. So, is the recession that has weighed so heavily on the Oklahoma economy and the state budget finally coming to an end? Yes, it appears it is. Overall [...]

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Growing Oil and Gas Supply Contains Energy Costs for Oklahoma Consumers

Prior to the recent surge in oil and gas production, U.S. energy consumers were facing all-time high prices for petroleum-based products and natural gas. EIA forecasts continued to suggest that energy prices would likely climb even higher going forward. Instead, high prices provided a strong incentive to the domestic energy industry to find new oil [...]

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U.S. Marginal Oil and Gas Wells Still Matter

The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) just released its 2015 Marginal Wells report detailing production from marginal oil and gas wells across the producing states. RegionTrack was once again pleased to assist them with compiling the report! The IOGCC defines a marginal (stripper) well as a well that produces 10 barrels of oil or 60 Mcf of [...]

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In the News: Forbes Story on RegionTrack’s 50-State Child Care Study

Forbes Magazine recently covered a RegionTrack report on the role of child care at the state level.

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