Oct 262014
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Workers 55 and Over Comprise the Most Vibrant Sector of the U.S. Workforce. Been wondering who has filled the more than 8 million new jobs created since the job recovery began in January 2010? Well, as shown in our pic-of-the-week, two out of three have gone to workers 55 and over. Since the national job recovery began in January 2010, these workers have filled 5.2 million of the 8.15 million net new jobs added in the period.

These workers have far outpaced all other age cohorts and have done it consistently for the past two decades. Workers in the second place 25 to 34 age group have added 2 million in the recovery but remain in a slow downtrend underway since 1990. The relatively small 20 to 24 age group has done remarkably well, adding 1.3 million workers, but remains at roughly the same average level since 1980.

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Oct 202014
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Weak Gasoline Sales Weighing on Retail Activity but Aiding Consumers. Retail sales at gasoline stations have remained stuck in a holding pattern since early 2011 at about $45 billion per month. Strong domestic crude production coupled with only a modest rebound in vehicle miles driven continue to put steady downward pressure on gasoline prices, and, subsequently, total purchases. Measured as a share of all retail sales, gasoline station sales have declined steadily from just below 12% in early 2011 to only about a 10% share currently.

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Oct 062014
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Has the Shift From Coal to Natural Gas in Electricity Production Stalled? Just ten years ago, coal was used to generate 50% of U.S. electricity while natural gas held only an 18% share. Toss in the shale gas revolution and move forward to early 2012 and you have both coal and natural gas producing 32% of U.S. power each. It appeared natural gas was well on its way to replacing much of the coal-fired production in the U.S.

However, our pic-of-the-week illustrates that since early 2012 the shift has taken a clear short-term breather. Coal has made a small comeback and is now closer to 40% of total production. Natural gas has eased back a bit to just under a 30% share. Is the shift from coal to natural gas over?

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Sep 282014
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U.S. Crude Output Growing Four Times Faster than Natural Gas. The pace of growth in U.S. crude oil output is nothing short of remarkable. Oil output has risen at a 16.1% annualized pace since the beginning of the current cycle in July 2011. Total oil production is up almost 60% in three short years. Our pic-of-the-week shows that oil is also growing four times faster than the 4% annual growth rate of natural gas output since its cycle began in January 2006. For comparison, natural gas output is up roughly 40% in 8+ years.

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