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Economic Assessment Of Oil And Gas Tax Policy In Oklahoma

Economic Assessment of Oklahoma Oil and Gas Tax Policy (2014)

The State Chamber of Oklahoma Research Foundation today released a RegionTrack research report titled “Economic Assessment of Oil and Gas Tax Policy in Oklahoma.”

The report provides an economic assessment of Oklahoma oil and gas tax policy and examines recent structural changes in the industry. The full report is available online for download. The report is intended to serve as a benchmark research document to assist state policymakers in fully evaluating the economic role of the industry and any potential effects that changes in state tax policy may produce.

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Economic Impact of CareerTech Career Majors (2013)

This report is part of an ongoing effort to assess the economic contribution of the CareerTech System to the Oklahoma economy. The specific objective of the study is to prepare a comprehensive cost-benefit assessment of the system’s career major programs. Career majors are commonly viewed as the flagship program of the CareerTech System because of the large number of students enrolled and the extensive training received by students. The demand for these training programs continues to be driven by the desire of both employers and workers to match job skills over the work life more efficiently than is possible through access to common and higher education alone.

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