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The Energy States – 1982 vs. 2013 (12/08/2014)

Just how big is the current oil boom relative to 1982? In short, not far behind for most of the energy states. Our last pic-of-the-week showed the share of total state earnings derived directly from the oil and gas sector. Requests quickly came in for a comparison of current conditions to those of 1982. This week’s pic answers that question. For each of the energy states, 

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Pic-of-the-Week: The Energy States are Flying High – Almost Like 1982? (11/24/2014)

The Energy States are Flying High – Almost Like 1982? The ongoing resurgence in the oil and gas industry is once again driving overall activity in the key energy-producing states. Our pic-of-the-week details the share of total state earnings derived from the oil and gas industry. Oklahoma currently leads the way with 12.7% of total state earnings derived from the sector. Remarkably, the massive state of Texas

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Pic-of-the-Week: U.S. Crude Output Growing 4X Faster than Nat Gas (09/29/2014)

U.S. Crude Output Growing Four Times Faster than Natural Gas. The pace of growth in U.S. crude oil output is nothing short of remarkable. Oil output has risen at a 16.1% annualized pace since the beginning of the current cycle in July 2011. Total oil production is up almost 60% in three short years. Our pic-of-the-week shows that oil is also growing four times faster than the 4% annual growth rate of natural gas output since its cycle began in January 2006. For comparison, natural gas output is up roughly 40% in 8+ years.

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